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The project of "Design for Vulnerables" is led by architects, but composed by researchers from humanities, engineering, social sciences, business, climate change studies and medicines, so to understand in the most possible holistic way the contextual vulnerabilities and to propose the most suitable solutions for the context. It's mainly composed by professors from Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico), but it's also enriched by researchers from Columbia University (USA), Tongji University (China), Pavia University (Italy) and Instituto Mora (Mexico).
Most of the team is working together in the past 3 years and participated in several research and practical projects, mainly in the arid region of Chihuahua. This very multidisciplinary team is based on our believe that architecture has the important and unique role to connect different perspectives to the listening and understanding with local communities. So, to create spaces where communities can develop consciousness about contemporary challenges and possible solutions.

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